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He Looks A Scream

Hang Him On My Wall

Gideon Prewett
19 May
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My name's Gideon Prewett, and I'm one of the infamous Prewett brothers! The good looking one! Ha, no, I kid, Fabian is a pretty good looking chap, himself! Hey, and Eve, our sister, she's quite the headcase, but we love her anyway! What's a brother for but to love you even though you're nutters? Ha!
I'm a 6th year Hufflepuff, 16 years old, and a Taurus! I love to read, sing, laugh, smile, fool around, chat it up and just have fun with friends! I love to talk with anyone and everyone, it's a lovely pastime, really is!

*Note: I'm not really Gideon Prewett. I'm an rper. Gideon belongs to Jk Rowling, not me.
**Note: I'm not really Thom, the male model I'm using for Gideon...He belongs to...himself.
***Note: This is an rp journal for Amortentia on lj.